My New Chevrolet Has Hail Damage!

So as you may know, the Shreveport and Bossier City area had a few storms roll through that produced some hail.  There was reported hail up to golf-ball size.  Red River Chevrolet was one of two dealerships in the area that got hit by the hail.

So, you have gotten hail damage on your vehicle, now what? 

The first thing you will want to do is contact your insurance company and start a claim.  You will then be told where to take your vehicle for them to have the damage assessed by their own adjuster.  The adjuster will inspect the vehicle and write up an estimate on what it will cost to have the damage repaired.  Remember, that this is just an estimate and may not be completely accurate.  When and if you get the damage repaired, any difference between the actual amount for the repair and the estimate from the adjuster will be resolved between them two by a supplement.

The insurance adjuster is going to most likely recommend you to one of their preferred vendors, but remember that it is your choice as to where you want to have it repaired at.  It is actually illegal for an insurance company or their representative to require you to have your car repaired by any specific vendor.  Make sure you do not pick a vendor that you are not comfortable with, pick someone you trust!

Where to have the work done at?

There are a few different companies around town that do Paintless Dent Repair.  A lot of them will actually come to your location.  You can check out JTGroup in Shreveport, LA.  He has very good rates and will come to your location to fix the damage.  A simple search in Google for “Dent Repair” will pull up a list of companies around town.

So you have gotten a check from the insurance, now what?

When the insurance company has their estimate from the adjuster, they will generally issue you a check.  One thing to watch out for is that the amount of the check you will receive is generally less than the actual cost of what it would be to repair your vehicle.  This can help minimize the cost of the claim for the insurance company.  If you decide to NOT repair your vehicle and just cash the check you are basically settling the claim, and not getting the actual amount you should have gotten.

It can be very tempting to just cash the check and leave the damage on the vehicle as it is, but this could cause you to get less money for your vehicle if there is any other damage to your vehicle in the future. 

By Brad Troedel
Red River Chevrolet


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