Importance of Changing your Oil!

As most of us all know by now, we should have our oil in our vehicles changed about 3,000 miles.  We have all been told this over and over again.  Well, I hate to break you the news, but this is actually very inaccurate.  Actually, there is no set in stone mileage to when you need to get your oil change.  It all depends on how you drive your vehicle, and how much you drive it.

When it comes to the engine in your car, oil is the substance that provides the lubrication for all of the pieces to work without grinding against each other.  Without it, your engine would actually seize up in a matter of seconds.  Also, oil actually acts as a coolant for the motor.  As the car or truck is moving, air rushes by the oil pan which the oil collects and cools it down.  Then when that oil cycles through the engine again, it actually acts as a heat absorbent.  Of course, the engine still has a coolant system, but the oil is a part of the cooling process.

So what would happen without oil in your engine?  Basically your engine has a bunch of controlled explosions taking place inside all the time, so without the lubrication from the oil, the metal parts would actually heat up and bond together forming one solid piece of metal!  There is not much worse for an engine then if it gets too hot!

Changing your oil should be a critical part to the care of your vehicle, and this is one thing that you should also buy the better quality product, as it can allow your engine to last much, much longer!

If you need your vehicle service, you can always bring it up to our service department at 221 Traffic Street in Bossier City, Louisiana or give us a call at 318-549-7535!   We have some of the best mechanics around!

by Brad Troedel
Red River Chevrolet


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