Driving in the Rain – Better Safe than Sorry!

It has been quite rainy over the past couple of weeks, and you know what that means!  More and more accidents…  There are many people around the Shreveport and Bossier City area that do not utilize cautionary driving when it is raining, and that can cause dangerous conditions for us all.

When it is rainy, remember that you should take your time and drive a bit more cautiously then if it is not raining.  Check out some tips below to help you get to your destination safely around the Shreveport and Bossier City area when it is rainy out.

  1. Slow down!  It takes longer to stop in rainy conditions, so make sure you allow for more space when breaking.  Take your time and get to where you need to go safely.
  2. Try to stay in middle lanes.  Water tends to pool up in the outside lanes because of slopes.  The water can cause you to hydroplane, so make sure you try to avoid the puddles of water.
  3. Do not follow too closely to vehicles in front of you.  Because of the wet roads, you won’t be able to stop as fast, so make sure you extend the usual “3 second following rule”.
  4. Try to stay back from large buses and trucks.  The spray from these vehicles and their large tires can severly impair your vision.
  5. Stay focused on the road at ALL times.  Keep an eye our for brake lights and make sure that you put your phone down!
  6. Avoid over using your breaks.  If you attempt to stop too quickly, you may lose control of your vehicle.  Try to anticipate your stops and just take your foot off the acceleration.
  7. Turn on your headlights even if it is light outside.  Visibility is drastically lower in rainy conditions, so  if you keep your headlights on then you can see easier, and other will see you easier.
  8. Make sure you check on your wiper blades.  They become dull and brittle and will not keep your windows as clean as normal.
  9. Try and stay on paved roads!  If you go on unpaved roads, remember that it can become extremely hard to tell if there are puddles in the road.
  10. When driving through puddles of water that you are not sure of the depth of, make sure you go extremely slow and cautiously!  If the water should go up to your door, then you should turn around and find another route.  Water can cause extensive damage to the vehicle and its electric systems.


By Brad Troedel
Red River Chevrolet

Source:  SmartMotorist.com



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