The 2011 Motor Trend Car of the Year the Chevrolet Volt


This has not been seen in the automotive industry since the advent of the assembly line by Henry Ford. No one expected this from a bankrupt and failing company. GM has hit a grand slam homerun in the bottom of the ninth inning, of the last game of the “World Series”, for the win!

The Chevrolet Volt's life was formed out of an old GM project, and arrived as a symbol of the New GM. This automobile is a game changer. As Chris Theodore, a judge in the COTY panel said “This is a fully developed vehicle with seamlessly integrated systems and software, a real car that provides a unique driving experience. And commuters may never have to buy gas.”

One of the greatest features of the Volt is its power train. The 149-horse electric motor, the 84-horse, 1.4-leter naturally aspirated internal-combustion engine, combines for an all new way to experience driving. The Volt can be driven strictly as an EV, a series hybrid, or a parallel hybrid; this depends on how you drive or how far you may want to drive.

The operator of the Volt can drive around 40 miles in EV mode, and without doing anything the 1.4-liter  gas engine will start, and supply the electric motor with power to carry the vehicle another 299 miles. Unlike the other EVs or hybrids on the market, the Volt can be driven like an EV or a conventional automobile. The 149-horse electric motor has acceleration to compete with conventional compacts, and is more than adequate for merging onto the Interstate. In EV mode it will accelerate 0-60 mph in 8.8 seconds and 8.7 in the combined gas/electric mode.

Volt’s exterior is appointed with 17’ forged aluminum wheels with low-rolling-resistance tires, this adds to Volts efficiency. Boasting a whopping 126.7 mpg on a 299 mile, multiday test, with 58.6 KWh electric and 2.36 gallons of gas, the 1.4-liter burns 40 mph and when putting the two modes together you get and EPA average of 72.9 MPG.

This is a HOMERUN for Chevrolet, and I hope you will join me in future blogs about this wonderful new kind of car. We will be getting our Volt in the next few days and I will let everyone know when it arrives. I will also write about the vehicle and all its features in blogs to come. 


by Mark Allaband
Red River Chevrolet

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