Chevrolet Volt Swings Both Ways!

The Chevrolet Volt is just around the corner from entering our showroom here at Red River Chevrolet!  We have been waiting for it for a while now and are expecting one any day now.  I also want to let you all know that the first Volt we get will be a GM show vehicle.  This basically means that for 6 months we will not be allowed to sell the vehicle, but will keep it here for anyone that wants to come down and try it out!

With that being said, Chevrolet has released a couple new commercials that are made for enlightening people about what the Volt really is.  Many people do not realize that the Chevrolet Volt is an electric vehicle, but can also take gasoline for those extended range trips.  These commercials do a great job of explaining that and are also pretty funny!

I could sit here and explain to you what the commercials are about and all of that goodness, but then again you could also just take a look at them yourself!  Check them out below.


by Brad Troedel
Red River Chevrolet


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