Need For Speed and the Camaro ZL1!

As Ricky Bobby says, “I wanna go Fast!”

We all want to jump in a Corvette ZR1 or an SS Camaro and begin to drift around town while pushing the needle of our odometer passed the last number.  Well, we can’t do that…  in real life.  THAT is why there is Need for Speed.  The game that lets your cause damage, run from cops, and you guessed it — race those fast cars!

Many of you may have read an earlier post about the Camaro ZL1.  As you should know the ZL1 will have north of 570 hp!  If that doesn’t rattle your cage a bit, than I don’t know what will.  Along with many, many other extra goodies to set the ZL1 apart, this Camaro is going to run! 

It seems that the latest game in the Need for Speed series is going to actually include a Chevy Camaro ZL1.  Heck.  Instead of telling you about it, just watch it for yourself below.  Let us know what you think!  We seem to think it looks quite good in a game!

by Brad Troedel
Red River Chevrolet


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