The Chevrolet Volt – Marketing Tool?

As you may already know the Chevrolet Volt is only available in select markets across the United States.  It is however being sold to the public, but you have to drive over to one of the select markets.  As for the rest of us, like Red River Chevrolet, we have to wait until 2012 before we will see any of them on our showroom floor.

One Georgia Dealership had other plans.  Instead of waiting until then, one of the employees of the dealership drove all the way to New York.  He acted as a regular employee and purchased a brand new Chevrolet Volt.  He then drove it back and placed it right on the showroom floor.  Why?  Not to sale it but to help bring people in to the dealership.  On Jim Ellis Chevrolet’s website they specifically say that the Volt is not for sale but is there for their customers to come see it and test drive it.

Stated on their website,
“The Volt(s) we have are not for sale, but at least all of those customers who have given us deposits and are interested in the car can come see it now!  This will allow Jim Ellis Chevrolet customers to make their purchasing decision for when they do become available for sale in Georgia.”

This is quite a tactical move by the dealership, because according to Jim Ellis’ Vice President Mark Frost, this sneaky move is working great for the dealerhsip!  He states that the dealership is getting about 100 potential customers everyday entering just to take a look at the car.  It is pretty easy to understand why, afterall, it is the 2011 MotorTrend Car of the year!

Check out the video below!


by Brad Troedel


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