Chevy Volt Named 2011 MotorTrend Car of the Year!

Make way everyone!  The Chevrolet Volt is coming and it is coming NOTICED!  It seems as though the Volt has been in the spotlight for some time now, and considering that most of us have not had the opportunity to drive one yet, I can promise you, there are many people anxiously waiting to do so.  For a car that has not even rolled into a showroom floor yet, it sure is racking up the awards.

The Volt has claimed vehicle of the year award from MotorTrend and Automobile magazine.  That is a pretty big accomplishment considering that those are two of the biggest car magazines out.  Also, GE (you know, the huge company that has their hands in everything) has already put in an order for 10,000 Volts.  As well as many other companies planning on doing the same thing.

However, not everyone agrees that the Chevrolet Volt is that ground-breaking.  Rush Limbaugh (the radio talk-show host) was not very thrilled about MotorTrend’s decision.  Go over to MotorTrend to see what they rebutted about Rush Limbaugh’s criticism of MotorTrends choice for their award.  I would rather not get into any of that argument that they have going on, so I politely invite you to look for yourself. 

As for Red River Chevrolet, we think the award is deserved.  The Chevrolet Volt is truly one innovative and ground breaking vehicle.  There are many high hopes for the car and, honestly anything that can break the grip of our dependency to oil companies, the better (in my opinion).

Source: MotorTrend 

by Brad Troedel

Red River Chevrolet


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