GE to Buy 12,000 Chevrolet Volts

GE announced today that they will be buying 25,000 Electric Vehicles by 2015.  12,000 of these vehicles will be Chevy Volts.  Why?  Well, that you will just have to watch in the video below.  Alright, I’m kidding.  You should watch the video though instead of reading any further than this.

They (GE) announce in the video that by buying these vehicles and placing them on the streets, it will help society accept and begin thinking about the positive impact of these vehicles.  Of their 45,000 employee company, they plan on having about half of them driving electric-vehicles.  They are purchasing 12,000 Volts, but they are also purchasing other vehicles.  The make and model I am not sure about.

by Brad Troedel


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