More Car than Electric | Chevy Volt

With the Chevrolet Volt crossing the United States promoting its mantra of, “More Car Than Electric”, many eager fans of General Motors (or just the car itself) are lining up to drive the hybrid/electric car.  There will be many more stops along the path for the Volt, so if you are a car enthusiast or just interested in the future of automobiles, then make sure you go to the Volt Unplugged Page to check out the stops for the Chevy Volt.  If you live near one of the stops, I suggest going there and giving this vehicle a drive.  I wish I could, because I sure would give it a test!  I guess I will just have to wait until it hits the floors of Red River Motor Company!

From the article that I read from AutoBlog, they had some of their staff get in line to test drive one.  Apparently the Volt exceeded their expectations substantially! 

In the article, it states:

“But then we drove it. Twice. Once with the engine juicing the battery, once on battery power alone. They were short drives, just around a few blocks. And, um, we hate to go all Volt homer with this, but we have no choice: it was fantastic. As coincidence would have it, we rocked up to the event in a Honda Insight and discovered that the Volt is at the opposite, highly enjoyable pole of hybrid driving. We characterized it as ‘the best hybrid experience we’ve ever had’.”

Pretty bold statements they made, but it just goes to show how exciting it will be when this vehicle is released.  I know I’m ready to get in one.  To learn more about the Chevy Volt, go to its homepage.  If you are looking for any other Chevrolet Vehicles, say the new Cruze, go to

by Brad Troedel


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