It’s a Corvette, Not a Boat!

When a Corvette (or any other car for that matter) meets ocean, the ocean is most likely going to win.  This convertible Corvette rented from Hertz, ended up in the Pacific Ocean off the beach of San Diego.
According to NBC, the visiting couple that rented the car from Hertz met a man at a bar that stated he had never driven a Corvette before.  The super nice couple figured that everyone should get to drive a Corvette once, so they offered him the chance of a lifetime.  One could argue just whose chance it was…

Anyway, the man decided it would be a good idea to do some burnouts and donuts on the sand of the beach.  Which, I must interrupt myself for a minute, is probably quite common in a rental car.  As long as you got the insurance, that is!  Not to mention, what was Hertz doing renting a Corvette in the first place?  What did they think was going to happen?  What was the guy doing donuts and burnouts for when it was his first time driving a Corvette?  All of these questions have no answers…  Luckily it wasn’t a ZR1!

Anyway, during the course of the donuts, the witnesses say that the car just jolted forward, straight in to the ocean.  The driver then decided to get out and run!  He evaded the police and just left the couple and the car there.  The couple was held and then released.  They even created a little video of the aftermath.  Check it out below!

source: NBC
by Brad Troedel


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